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Intersect helps our clients understand where their digital dollars are best spent. By tracking the users’ path to purchase, we build solutions to ensure a seamless, best-in-class digital journey.

We’ll build your:

  • apps
  • social
  • webdev
  • online ads
  • emails

Call us crazy, but we think clients deserve to choose where their digital budget goes. Intersect creates superior user experiences, then improves them month-over-month.

No two brands are the same.
We can tailor this process to fit your needs.

  • Digital Audit

    A digital finger in the wind, let’s figure out how to map and reclaim your brand’s unique digital landscape.

    Where do we stand? What content updates needed to be live yesterday? We’ll use working dollars to execute site updates while creating a picture of your digital ecosystem. Opportunities will be highlighted and cost justified.

  • ROI-Based Strategy

    How much money are you losing on your website and other digital spends? Slow page load, high bounce rate, OLA or OLV leading to dead ends...any shop can try to fix these things, but only Intersect can fix them while showing you each update’s impact on revenue.

    We’ll use targeted user tracking and KPI analysis to tie dollars to work and create a forward-thinking plan with prioritized updates we suggest based on positive impact on your digital ROI. You will be able to make results-based decisions.

  • Digital Marketing Overlay

    Our job is to augment. We don’t plan on asking you to tear down your entire vendor roster.

    Instead we’ll map your digital strategy to your current media spend. We’ll overlay all the work we propose doing on top of your existing initiatives so that all your vendors, us included, are marching in-step. That way when we are building these digital initiatives, we are working toward the same goal. Your overall spend will be optimized.

  • Production

    Not only can we map your digital strategy, we can implement its production because we’re a full service agency, soup to nuts. Intersect can work as your entire in-house digital team, or we can work with your existing team to only fill in the missing pieces you need.

  • Real Time Tracking with Digital Dashboard

    While we’re creating new content, pages and sites to augment your media campaigns, we’ll also be embedding focused user tracking that follows users from every online engagement point all the way through to point of sale. The technology to do this not only exists, it’s pretty old news. So let’s get your users’ digital path to purchase as streamlined as it can possibly be, by tracking every interaction they have with your brand.

    A digital dashboard is a brand manager’s holy grail. We will amalgamate the efforts of our digital audit, ROI-based strategy and real-time user tracking to create a visual dashboard showing revenue of each of your online properties. We’ll customize this dashboard to fit the report style you want to see, and we’ll integrate it with your other 3rd-party data.

Our Clients Include Industry Heavy‑Hitters

We’ve worked with over 200 agencies and brands building online experiences since the birth of the industry.

Quicken Loans
Toca Boca
72 and Sunny
Cramer Krasselt
Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners
Team One
Venables Bell & Partners
McCann Worldgroup
Saatchi & Saatchi

Multi-Brand Global Conglomerate

This big brand suffered from small problems, tons of small problems, so we took a bottom-up approach. By tracking against a rubric of simple KPIs, we’ve improved load time, goal conversions, and bounce rate using working dollars already earmarked for content updates.

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Immersive Web Dev

Modern web sites need to be fluid, cross-platform, multi-point engagements. Our approach to web dev is built on robust adaptivity and providing an excellent user experience.

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Intersect has helped all of our clients make the transition from Flash to html display ads. From complex character animations and 3d transitions, to robust dynamic ads, our html units are as finely tuned as our Flash work has been known for.

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Ford Tier II

Intersect partnered with Ford AOR Team Detroit to migrate the entire Ford Tier II serving strategy to run through DoubleClick and helped build what members of the DC team described as the most complex structure of dynamic feeds.

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Valspar Paint

For two years, Intersect has developed front-end, back-end, and social apps for Valspar Paint with FCB. Sites are built in html5 and have featured parallax motion.

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