About Intersect

Consider Intersect another team right there in your office. Fully staffed and always thinking ahead, we’re a logical, capable body that can operate with as much autonomy as you like.

We initialize any project by having a scope call, then creating a tentative timeline that is as specific as current specs may allow. We reassess that timeline iteratively as details congeal, leading up to a thorough formal SOW and kick-off.

When working with our core capabilities we can take on a further augmented role in the following ways:

Display Ads
Rich, Standard, Flash & html
Websites & Mobile
Versatile Development
Tech Expertise
Behind the Scenes

Our Team Leads

Kraig Rasche

Owner, CEO

The backbone of Intersect, Kraig created the company’s predecessor, Sagient, over 14 years ago. His diligence tested, Kraig earned his stripes by defending the business against the devastating dot-com crash. Though the industry has since rebounded, Kraig maintains a prominent role in both cultivating opportunities and fostering day-to-day office relations. In 2008 he decided to refocus the company as Intersect Digital, a turn-key ad agency development partner, and stocked it with agency insiders who understood the need for such a role.

Scott Denhof

VP, Business Development

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and with his 15 years of industry experience, Scott provides a biz-dev mainstay that supports Intersect for the long haul. Entire internet epochs have sprung up and faded in his tenure, while steadfast he has remained in his effort to build on sound ideas. Before Intersect, Scott was a member of the industry-leading DoubleClick team that so inspired Google’s acquisition, and helped companies like Compete Inc., Enpocket and AvantGo go to market with mobile advertising and analytics. Our team ever eager to operate at the brink of technology, we employ pros like Scott to preserve the foundation upon which we grow.

Ashlee Piper

Senior Producer

Our partners will recognize her as the pleasant voice on the phone, but our developers know better the hardcore QA taskmaster. Ashlee efficiently handles budgeting and resourcing among the litany of project managerial duties. One of our agency insiders, Ashlee invokes 5 years of prior digital experience, managing Disney, Yahoo, Old Navy, and Dell accounts at ePrize, as well as leading production for the Jeep brand at Organic, and another five-year career at RDA Group conducting market research for their Ford Europe account. An embodiment of professionalism, Ashlee befittingly opens and concludes our most critical engagements.

Andrea Nedoff Rizzo

Senior Producer

If Ashlee is the Queen of Intersect’s studio, Andrea is our Ace. Previously a producer for both Ogilvy and JWT, predating the amalgamation of Team Detroit, Andrea had discovered a valuable partner in Sagient, Intersect’s predecessor company. When Sagient made the transition in 2008 to Intersect Digital, we were excited to recruit Andrea into our band of skilled agency producers. Today Andrea enforces the long arm of the Producer while peaceably maintaining deadlines, like an easier-on-the-eyes Henry Kissinger.

Ore Nuga

Technical Director

Ore started at Intersect in 2007 working on enterprise-scale .Net maintenance for Simon Property Group and has since become our resident SQL and Windows Server mastermind. Drawing from the devotion to organization evident in anyone who deals with Group Policy Objects, as well as previous experience as a business analyst for Ford, Ore now provides much-needed technical project management in addition to C# and VB.NET development. His dual background reminiscent of the hardened and flexible steel layers of a katana, Ore is without a doubt an indispensible member of the Intersect arsenal.

Andy Mascaro

Technical Liaison

Empowered by a degree in linguistics, Andy boasts the unique ability of speaking both project manager jargon and C++. Be it the blessing or bane of his existence, Andy fittingly manages the complicating nexus between asset handoff, resource planning, creative kickoff and development. Being able to spot the show-stoppers in a .PSD as well as a spec sheet has proven a crucial task amidst the last-minute scope changes and lightning-quick timelines of OLA. During his 8 years at Intersect, Andy has grown from a glassy-eyed, vanilla developer with a full head of luxurious, auburn hair to the well-rounded Charlie Brown look-alike he is today.

Brent Barrington

Creative Lead

A graphic artist who knows the CSS hierarchy as well as he does the Illustrator hotkeys, Brent exhibits the cruel attention to detail only understood by other creative directors. A 6-year career at Intersect has allowed Brent to apply his creative coaxing cross-platform, to short-but-sweet banner animation, detail-oriented rich media campaigns, and jquery-enhanced websites. In a time when the industry has begun to realize the importance of a pixel, Brent continues to remind us that subpixels matter too.

Jamie Galimberti

Development Lead

With his balanced coding and creative background, Jamie rides in the Intersect vanguard on most accounts. Experience programming with the Unreal Engine (UDK) acclimated him with the fundamentals of large-scale game design, and an architectural training primed him as a 3d sculptor. Jamie leads any campaign that involves 3d work or extensive custom integration with ad-serving partners and is a master of efficiency in any situation.

Kraig Rasche Scott Denhof Ashlee Piper Andrea Rizzo Ore Nuga Andy Mascaro Brent Barrington Jamie Galimberti


The Intersect team is a dynamic force with multiple strengths, incorporating a wide range of skill sets applicable to the web. Our group has benefited from game programmers, graphic artists and obsessive-compulsive organizers, not to leave out the inevitable web developer. We maintain an atmosphere of collaboration and continuously train each other in new schools of thought, always striving to be communicative and transparent in any intra-office situation. Not that we're a bunch of hippies... Anyway, please send work examples whenever inquiring about a position.

Ruby Developer

Web Developer (on-site)

.Net Developer (on-site)