Monthly Archives: February 2011

Why AS3 gives me the warm fuzzies

Sometimes we get media specs that stipulate Flash Player 8, AS2, and this makes me think there is much work to be done spreading the word about why it is time to switch to AS3.

Action Script 2.0 was useful for its time, but now that 99.9% of all computers have Flash Player 9 or higher, and that sites like YouTube have already been requiring Flash 10 for some time, I think the moment has come to let the old timer go and stamp the RIP2.0 marker above its resting place …

CS5 Becomes Self-Aware

If you’re using the latest release of Photoshop and haven’t found the Content-Aware Fill, you will now start. Resizing background assets to fit the tower and landscape banner sizes had been an extra hour or so of rubber stamping and smoothing out lighting. Then CS4 brought us Content-Aware Scale and now CS5 has basically robbed this task of its value. See irrefutable data …

Epic is the new Zombies

If you saw Jane McGonigal’s talk on gamer potential or on The Colbert Report last week, or the Superbowl Kia Optima 60-second spot, or caught last night’s Glee, you know what is come. “Epic” is the new zombies …

A framework for those still alive

Much as GLaDOS has taught us to appreciate the delicacy of pastry, we can as well spend some time appreciating the application framework CakePHP.

CakePHP is designed upon a Model-View-Controller architecture. Coming from a background of Flash and creative, the idea might even be new, but a definite lifesaver when the requirements of an application become larger than a simple banner ad.