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Studio Certified


Intersect is not only DoubleClick Studio certified, but also certified in every other badge Google offers, including in html5 and dynamic ads. We build, manage, and QA everything onshore.

Our QA certification shortens project timelines when schedules are tight. Our developers understand all the latest QA requirements so rejections are avoided.

Dynamic is our wheelhouse. Intersect partnered with Ford’s AOR Team Detroit to migrate the entire Ford Tier II serving strategy to run through DoubleClick and helped build what members of the DC team described as the most complex structure of dynamic feeds they’ve seen attempted.

Ford Tier II Dynamic

168 Templates | 18 Vehicles | 4 Months | 136,000 Banners

A typical dynamic ad has 5-10 variables, but to be truly targeted across zip, vehicle, campaign, messaging, and offer, the Ford Tier II banners needed a combination of four Google feed sheets, each with upwards of 50 variables.

One of the strategies we employed to attenuate that effort was to compartmentalize portions of the base templates. Rather than building overwhelmingly dynamic templates that would require a huge amount of content management—or, conversely, creating a mass of templates that were too specific—we developed templates that intelligently load other sub-templates. This made the production of the required 7500 unique templates manageable. The total number of vehicle/creative/size deliverables was 136,000, and, naturally, all of those deliverables had basically an infinite number of possible permutations when populated by the feed and trafficked.

Additional Studio Campaigns Examples

Intersect has been building within Studio since the beginning.

This is a small subset of the 500+ creatives we have built!