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Nike: Margot vs Lily

Agency Partner: W+K

Intersect developed a custom html-enabled, point-based animation engine in order to fluidly animate the characters without relying on a heavier javascript library. These placements had a maximum file size of 100k.

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Pandora: Kaleidoscope

Agency Partner: Triptent

Using the latest in html5 animation techniques, we created a series of these experiential kaleidoscope units.

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Intersect will build in any OLA or rich media platform, whichever the media partner prefers. Many units recently are being built for DCM, DoubleClick Studio, Flashtalking, and Sizmek.

Nvidia: Shield

Agency Partner: AKQA

3d transitions are one thing that is actually more readily accomplished in html5 verses Flash, given the right setup. That hint of 3d and a little camera shake go a long way without busting the CPU in these standard html5 units.

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Nexium: Clear Minis

Agency Partner: Tribal

Intersect created this particle-effect-driven OLA while keeping filesize within the constaints of the OLA specifications.

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Juno: Ash

Agency Partner: Giant

Intersect built these units using the canvas element to handle the complex html5 animation sequence.

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UI Programming

The biggest hurdle for building some units isn't the complexity of the animation but the usability of the UI components. A great example of this is the pharmaceutical units below.