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Cat All Day

Cat All Day
HTML5 | Customized WordPress
Agency Partner: Simantel is a product feature site for Caterpillar construction equipment. Having been live for six years, the latest update takes a heavily user-focused approach. It is a custom WordPress build with multiple dynamic content mosaics and weighted content by tag type.

Intersect also integrates with Simantel to enable the enterprise-level Eloqua tracking system across multiple Caterpillar sites.

  • Cox Welcome Center

    Welcome Center
    Agency Partner: FCB

    This Cox user introduction site has an animated home splash page that remains the full size of a user's browser, while staying centered and reasonably sized for large monitors. It also functions back to legacy IE versions.

    Its content pages all follow a simple UI structure but incorporate periodic color bar callouts that grab users' attention.

Gran Turismo Sport

Gran Turismo Sport
HTML5 | Animation
Agency Partner: Mutt Industries

Intersect helped the creative team at Mutt incorporate their customized glitch animations into this GTSport preview minisite.

In addition to building a fully responsive experience, Intersect fit this dynamic template into the shell of the existing Playstation web framework.

Doctor Zhivago

Doctor Zhivago Musical
HTML5 | Social Feeds
Agency Partner: 87 AM

Intersect incorporated a Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook post feed into this highly responsive site and ticketing portal for the Doctor Zhivago musical. In addition to a mobile view, the site maintains its snowy ambiance by continuously resizing content to fill the user's window.

Ticketing data is pulled from a live, external feed and is mapped to an interactive calendar. There is also a persistent social feed and media player along the bottom of the site.

2014 Color Trends

Valspar Paint Color Trends
HTML5 | Parallax
Agency Partner: FCB

To launch its new Zenergy, Time Traveler, and Yours Truly spectrum, Valspar required a site that was visually stunning while to-the-point and FCB provided that with its design. Intersect’s role was to bring the sweeping palette dioramas to life with an accordion html5 animation and parallax scrolling effects. Users of the site can share both the site and color palettes on Pinterest or Facebook.

Because Valspar’s server is set up to forward mobile users to a separate experience, this site was not developed to be responsive down to mobile dimensions.

Campaign Connectivity

Intersect can gain efficiencies by building out a larger portion of an overall campaign. In addition to website development, we build in all Rich Media APIs. We maintain a knowledge base of the latest in Email client feature support and build fully-responsive Emails.

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